Emmanuelle Rybojad

Visual Artist


To escape monotony, it is not necessary to go far. French visual artist Emmanuelle Rybojad, takes us on a journey into the world of illusion. Twenty-seven year old visual artist, Emmanuelle Rybojad is an alchemist of the material. In less than a year, this dynamic creator has become one of the rising figures in contemporary art.

Her works have been shown in renowned galleries from New York to Singapore, as well as in Paris, London and Geneva. Intuitive and overflowing with ambition, she experiments with processes, tames materials, challenges perspectives and dares.
Self-taught, she immersed herself in art from an early age with a collector stepfather who introduced her to the great artistic movements. Emmanuelle is interested in all forms of art and develops a deep and plural curiosity. A curiosity that pushes her to consider art elsewhere than on the walls.
Emmanuelle Rybojad’s works are resolutely contemporary, imbued with a multi-generational modernity that challenges and encourages introspection. Inspired by the symbols of Pop culture and the 70’s, she opens her studio to new materials and works on various supports: mirrors, neon lights, LED.

A just and expressive modernity, cultivated by this thin border between art and craft, between an aestheticism that questions and an aesthetic questioning.

Art is thought as an experience to live and to make live, for her, the work has meaning only if the spectator takes part in it: his look is the final touch. For this creator with an almost insolent determination, it is the singularity of each realization which is of prime importance and which she does not cease to shake up each time she starts a new piece. Emmanuelle Rybojad ventures out and this is the only way she sees the artistic enterprise. For her, risk is not synonymous with peril but with enrichment. Emmanuelle Rybojad is an artist of complete inspiration.