Jane Puylagarde



Jane Puylagarde started her education with two Master’s degrees, in Political Science and in Law, interspersed with a career in fashion modeling, which led her to starting her own ready-to-wear brand and becoming one of the promising young creators of the 1980’s.

In the early 90’s, during a trip to Mexico, she had a decisive encounter with an Indian ceramist who painted small drops of paint forming circles. The miracle of the drops had just acted on Jane who, for years, appropriated this gesture and reinvented it by developing an art and a unique technique.

Since the 2000s, her works have been noticed in exhibitions in Paris, Barcelona and Geneva.

Today, the artist pursues her artistic path in her studios, located in Paris and Formentera, while her work continues to adorn the best places in the private and public collections of her international clientele. Naturally one would expect to find her work shown in many countries around the world as it is about liberty without frontiers.

With her latest series, Jane Puylagarde continues to develop her technique and prove that the ultimate challenge for an artist is the power of reinvention.