Martin Berger

Plastic Artist


Martin Berger is an artist, recognised throughout the world for his contemporary works with a unique signature. A French-Swiss artist, trained at the Louvre School in Paris

An antiques dealer, specialising in decorative arts, he continued his apprenticeship in workshops creating wall decorations, then developed his first personal artistic activities in the USA.

Back in France, he set up his studio in the heart of the Alps, where he created vibrant and unique works.

With his latest works, the Flows, Martin Berger continues his body-to-body work. He explains: “When the material comes out of the kiln, I have between five and ten seconds to shape it. I have a love and hate relationship with this method, but more like love… we kiss!”

Martin seduces a discerning public – a public that commissions him for his imagination, his signature, his line. His work has found its way into private collections in Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Geneva, Oman, and London.